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Data current through 7-6-20
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Last updated: 7/7/2020

COVID Exit Strategy, a non-partisan group of public health and crisis experts, has been tracking the progress states have made towards meeting the CDC recommended benchmarks states should reach before reopening their economies. As of July 6th, only three states were meeting these metrics, earning a “Green” rating.  Currently, Illinois is meeting 2 out of 4 benchmarks, and is rated Red.

The CDC benchmarks include: (1) a falling rate of Influenza Like Illness (ILI) reported in the state; (2) a falling rate of new confirmed infections of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19); (3) a falling rate of positive results for COVID-19 diagnostic tests; and (4) sufficient inpatient and intensive care capacity to accomodate a 20% surge in COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization.  Illinois has seen rising numbers of confirmed COVID-19 infections and flat test positivity.  ILI numbers and hospitilizations have fallen over the last two weeks.

Illinois is currently meeting 2 out of 4 the CDC benchmarks that Illinois PIRG has been tracking, indicating that, while the trend over the past months has been positive, over the past two weeks Illinois is trending poorly in its efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. Some slight increase in infections is expected as the state opens more in Phase 4, and state and local leaders should continue to closely monitor trends and be prepared to take action if trends worsen. 

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