Open Safe Illinois - June 29th Scorecard

Released by: Illinois PIRG

COVID Exit Strategy, a nonpartisan group of public health and crisis experts, has been tracking the progress states have made towards meeting the CDC recommended benchmarks states should reach before reopening their economies. On Monday, June 29th, only three states were meeting these metrics, earning a “Green” rating – down from six a week earlier. Currently, Illinois is meeting half of the benchmarks, and is rated “Red” by COVID Exit Strategy due to a 2-week trend of rising case numbers, a metric the group gives particular weight.

Illinois is currently meeting 2 out of 4 the CDC benchmarks that Illinois PIRG has been tracking, but the recent increases in cases have been small so far. However, recent outbreaks in other states have shown that the virus can resurge at any time if businesses or consumers do not follow social distancing recommendations and other public health guidelines, such as wearing a mask in public spaces. Failure to do so could lead to new outbreaks, or even require a second lockdown. 

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