Why is the Illiana is a Waste of Tax Dollars?

Released by: Illinois PIRG Education Fund

Although Americans have reduced their driving since the middle of the last decade, the state of Illinois continues to spend lavishly on new highways. The state of Illinois and Indiana have proposed to build a new 47 mile toll road across the far southern extent of the Chicago metropolitan area at a cost of more than $1 billion—and perhaps as much as $3 billion, despite few anticipated benefits and opposition from several local community groups.

The seven-county metropolitan planning agency (CMAP) concluded in a public memorandum that the Illiana should not jump to first priority or even remain on the list of future transportation projects slated for public funds.

The Illinois Public Interest Research Group (IL PIRG) seeks to stop the expensive planning and bidding process that is already underway to build the massively wasteful Illiana. Stopping this boondoggle will enable future state funds to be used for other transportation priorities, such as repairing existing roads and bridges and providing better options for those choosing to travel without a car.

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